By Niall Faucher

By Niall Faucher

AkzoNobel is a multinational global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals.

Based in Amsterdam, the Dutch firm operates in more than 80 countries, employs 50,000 people and its portfolio includes well-known brands such as Dulux, Sikkens and Eka.

The last decade has seen a dramatic shift in the procurement world with senior figures now finding themselves at the forefront of company policy and innovation.

Ton Geurts, former Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at AkzoNobel, uses Procurement Leaders to ensure his team is connected to influential thought leaders and practitioners.

“Procurement Leaders’ extensive network allows us to share knowledge with other CPOs and discuss new ideas and developments,” says Ton. “As a result senior figures work together not just for the good of their company, but also the good of procurement as a whole. Insight from Procurement Leaders’ independent research helps generate debate, a healthy competitive environment and acts as a growth engine for the profession.”

As well as drawing upon the independent research and data available to members to direct strategy, AkzoNobel places emphasis on empowering and developing its staff and has taken advantage of Procurement Leaders’ training offerings such as the Mini MBA for Procurement programme.

“The mini-MBAs have been a huge help to our organisation and employees,” says Ton. “The courses are well designed and impart our staff with high-level procurement focused content in a short space of time. We’ve nothing but positive feedback about the course from our employees.”

Indeed, Procurement Leaders is held in such high esteem within the senior procurement community that Ton believes that membership is an essential part of an executive’s arsenal.

“If you are looking to show that you are a credible procurement professional then you should join Procurement Leaders,” explains Ton. “It is widely recognised as the industry ‘stamp of approval’ for a trusted and credible executive.”

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