By Niall Faucher

By Niall Faucher

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca prides itself on maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of its operations. Committed to driving business success responsibly, the FTSE 100 organisation puts at the core of its working philosophy a desire to foster the right environment amongst its workforce to help speed up advances in healthcare.

Its approach to advancing healthcare is no different to its approach to procurement: AstraZeneca gathers the latest best practice and intelligence and then incorporates it into everything it does.

Which is why the global powerhouse considers it essential to be a member of Procurement Leaders.

“Procurement Leaders plays a vital role in how AstraZeneca shapes its procurement strategy,” says Ashley Readshaw, AstraZeneca’s Chief Procurement Officer. “It’s rightly regarded as the most trusted independent source for supply chain and procurement intelligence.

“Its impartiality allows us to have real faith in its content and advice and provides us with a critical benchmark to measure ourselves against.”

A global community

In the age of globalisation an increasingly complex system of supply chains, suppliers, legal regulations and environmental concerns are combined with an ever stronger need for transparency and accountability. As a result procurement leadership has never been more important.

With the function developing and changing so rapidly, it’s imperative that procurement practitioners are always fully informed about the global events that directly impact them and the opportunities and roadblocks that lie ahead.

A global viewpoint is something Ashley knows is a prerequisite for his team: “We are focused on making sure our procurement strategy is the best it can be. We want to be confident we are investing in the correct resources and the right technology.”

With that in mind Procurement Leaders membership offers access to a worldwide network of senior professionals, giving companies like AstraZeneca the chance to engage with their peers, exchange ideas and help make the best decisions possible.

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