Alex Johnston
Principal Analyst
Joined 2016
Alex is an experienced analyst specialising in technology research, with a focus on procurement digital transformation and cybersecurity. Advising senior executives on topics ranging from change management, digital project governance and roadmap development, Alex has a background in both quantitative and qualitative research.


Risk assessment tool

Procurement teams are under increasing pressure to make their operations more resilient; this tool will enable organisations to identify, assess and report on third-party and supplier risks

B2B marketplaces

B2B marketplaces offer procurement teams an opportunity to reduce the time and cost associated with managing tail spend while offering users a more streamlined purchasing experience

Category planning guide 2019

Category managers must reassess their priorities and develop more mature processes if they are to deliver value in an uncertain, high-inflation environment

Market analysis: E-sourcing tools

This market analysis, a companion to Procurement Leaders’ Guide to implementing an e-sourcing system, provides insight into decision factors and e-sourcing vendors’ offerings

Data & technology

Procurement executives will improve the function’s ability to fully leverage procurement technology by focusing on implementation and deployment

E-sourcing tools

In-depth insight into the optimal use e-sourcing of tools and the effective use of procurement technology