David Thorpe


Build the foundations

The top 5 barriers of digital success identified by Procurement Leaders are: 1 Legacy systems and embedded processes 4% 22% 38% 36% 2 Operating model/unclear accountability 11% 18% 42% 29% 3 Lack of...

Blockchain with a purpose

There’s no doubt that distributed ledgers and the blockchain have the potential to fundamentally change how business is conducted, from digitising currency to providing transparency of supply. But a use case developed by one of Procurement Leaders’ Collaborative Value Creation (CVC) groups might offer the opportunity for business, technology providers and law enforcement to collaborate for a common good.

Aiming for a greener supply chain

Procurement is often tasked with improving supplier sustainability. Why? Because in the consumer industry alone, some 87% of greenhouse gas emissions emanate from the supply chain, according to research by McKinsey.

The three ways in which CPOs are managing risk differently today

Risk is never far from the front of a CPO’s mind with even a fleeting glance at the news headlines revealing stories and scenarios that might have far-reaching consequences for global supply chains. In years past, CPOs might only learn about the consequences of those stories after receiving a phone call from one of their suppliers. Their subsequent actions would have been wholly reactive.


Are you startup ready?

In good old-fashioned journalism lore, when a question is posed in a headline the answer to that question is always no. And so, to the question posed here…