Georgina Greene


Manage demand, deliver value

Although many functions are predominantly focused on price negotiation and cost reduction – with savings the most important metric for 81% of respondents – demand management is a powerful lever that...

Enterprise resource planning systems

Need to know: Three key market trends Buyers expect the price of global enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to increase by 1.5% during 2019 (source: Procurement Leaders Category planning...


Category report Plastics Last updated: January 2019 Need to know: Three key market trends Plastics prices are highly dependent on the price of petroleum products, natural gas and crude oil. By 2022,...

Procurement salary survey 2018

A lack of experience outside of procurement is hurting your ability to increase your salary. At a time when salaries are falling, this could be costing you thousands of pounds. Procurement Leaders’ annual salary survey highlights what your colleagues are doing differently to boost their earnings

RASCI matrix

A RASCI matrix is a document used to allocate and assign responsibilities to team members