Jonathan Webb
Head of Content & Advisory, APAC
Joined 2010
Jonathan Webb opened Procurement Leaders’ Singapore office in May 2018, where he supports regional CPOs and leadership teams. He joined the company in 2010 and led Procurement Leaders’ SRM practice. Jonathan has worked for PwC, the UK government, international think-tank Transparency International, as well as other commercial and research ventures across Asia, Africa and Europe. He writes on supplier relationship management for Forbes and is currently working towards a Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London. He speaks regularly at industry events across the world.


Guide to: Switching supplier

While replacing a supplier with a new provider is a complex and costly process, sourcing and building competitive alternatives is a habit that enables buyers to continually provide value

Negotiating in a downturn

The Covid-19 crisis requires procurement teams to negotiate with suppliers to secure greater value. To do so, they must balance cost-saving targets with ensuring supply remains robust and secure

Procurement salary survey 2020

Benchmark data for procurement salary by job level, industry and location; providing functions with the information required to help attract and retain the best talent

Risk planning guide 2020

As businesses’ risk exposure continues to increase, procurement teams that build their capabilities in this area will enhance their value proposition and provide further value beyond savings