Jonathan Webb
Head of Content & Advisory, APAC
Joined 2010
Jonathan Webb opened Procurement Leaders’ Singapore office in May 2018, where he supports regional CPOs and leadership teams. He joined the company in 2010 and led Procurement Leaders’ SRM practice. Jonathan has worked for PwC, the UK government, international think-tank Transparency International, as well as other commercial and research ventures across Asia, Africa and Europe. He writes on supplier relationship management for Forbes and is currently working towards a Ph.D. at Queen Mary University of London. He speaks regularly at industry events across the world.


Future-proof procurement

Michael Hindman, former winner of the Future Leader Award and procurement strategy director at Kimberly-Clark looks at key tools to prepare for a changing function.

Purchasing with reciprocity

Willem van Oppen, former CPO of KPN, Philips and DSM argues that an active involvement of procurement in reciprocal deals can create sustainable value to the organisation

Regaining power in negotiations

A combination of economic circumstance and commercial shifts has led to a change in the relationships between buyers and sellers. It’s time for purchasing functions to understand why that is and to ensure they have the skills and sense to put themselves in a stronger position. Here, the CPO of pharmaceutical giant Capsugel, Christopher Game explains why the new supply generation needs to be met with a new approach to buying.

Change management

New CPOs rarely have a mandate for change but by using these ten approaches they can ensure they build the platform to secure that mandate.

Gifts and hospitality

Procurement is a natural place for suppliers to try and gain influence and most organisations have embedded gifts and hospitality into sourcing processes.