Molly Childs


How to enable best of breed ProcureTech

Technology and data will have a crucial role in enabling 2022 business strategies. Increasingly companies are looking to build agile, flexible and stakeholder friendly  ProcureTech landscapes. Invariably this leads to a mix of best of breed and suite solutions, bringing together different best in class capabilities.

How to Mitigate Risk with the Power of AI

Three pandemic-era truths for procurement teams, examples of how organizations are future-proofing by preparing for business continuity and disaster recovery, and what’s next for modern procurement contracting processes.

Realising a More Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Supply Chain

In the face of global disruption, industry leaders had to act with agility to safeguard their supply chains. While the past 12 months have certainly seen unprecedented challenges, we have also seen digital acceleration that is leading to a more resilient future for Procurement as a function.