Niko Nurmi
Senior Research Analyst
Joined 2017
Niko is a senior research analyst at Procurement Leaders who specialises in supplier relationship management, supplier-enabled innovation and strategic category management. He has a master’s degree in operations and supply chain management. Prior to joining Procurement Leaders, Niko worked in a market intelligence and strategic advisory firm, helping organisations make informed decisions about their business strategies.


Procurement 101: Outsourcing

Discover where procurement can add value during outsourcing and insourcing processes, as well as the key criteria for make-or-buy decisions

Open vs closed innovation

In this Discover and Discuss session participants shared their organisations’ setup to accessing innovation using both open and closed approach.

Guide to: Global sourcing

Long and short supply chains present buyers with different challenges and opportunities. The right strategy will vary according to the needs of the organisation in that category

Global Sourcing

Finding new suppliers to strengthen supply chain resiliency is a high-priority activity for procurement leaders in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic

Cost Modelling

Procurement Leaders hosted a virtual roundtable to discuss cost modelling, including the challenges of getting suppliers to share openly, the importance of internal collaboration and how to effectively benchmark costs.