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Category report: Industrial gases

The increasing use of industrial gases in the electronics, healthcare, chemicals, heavy metal and petroleum industries continues to drive the growth of the market

Category report: Print

Sustainability is a major focus for the industry and printers are making efforts to introduce eco-friendly materials, such as biodegradable inks and recycled paper

Three key commitments from COP26

A week after its conclusion, the outcome of COP26 is still being picked through and debated. Current nationally determined contributions (NDCs) put the world on a pathway to a 2.4C temperature rise...

Category report: Metal packaging

Market overview Need to know: Three key market trends The global metal packaging market is expanding at a CAGR of 4% between 2020 and 2026 (source: Mordor Intelligence, 2021). The recyclability of...

CPO Compass 2022

An uncertain landscape and growing demands on procurement require the function to become a collaborative, nimble business partner that leverages new roles and capabilities to push the business forward

Category report: Glass packaging

Glass packaging prices are expected to rise caused by a lower availability of product due to the global shortage of shipping containers, and increasing demand from the food and beverage industry.

Category report: Engineering services

Market overview Need to know: Three key market trends Some 83% of category managers believe prices for engineering services will increase on a global level in 2022 (source: Procurement Leaders,...

Category report: Data centres

Market overview Need to know: Three key market trends The Asia-Pacific region is expected to become the largest data centre market by 2025, followed by North America and Europe, the Middle East and...

Category report: Temporary labour

US unemployment rates vary significantly between ethnic groups. In 2020, 11.7% of the Puerto Rican population in the US were unemployed, the highest unemployment rate of any ethnicity.

CPO Planning Guide 2022

Continuing disruption will require CPOs to collaborate closely with both internal and external partners, and harness the data at their fingertips to build a smarter, more nimble function