Category Management

By Cara Wiggins

By Cara Wiggins

Proactive, strategic category management

According to Procurement Leaders research, less than 20% of the procurement community is advancing category management framework into a more strategic approach to delivering supplier relationship management, value delivery or supplier-enabled innovation, for example.

Procurement teams need to recognise and transform to realise the true value of developing a category strategy that includes a sourcing process to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions to business needs.

 Category management provides insight into four transformation levers that will help procurement executives to fully integrate category management within the strategy of the business.

  • Redefining category plans: realign the focus of your category strategy.
  • Understanding talent: the skills staff require to bring real value to the organisation.
  • Building stakeholder engagement capability: communicate the value of category management to key internal stakeholders.
  • Focusing on delivering business needs: develop a proactive approach to ensure sourcing strategies are aligned to the needs of the business.

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