Category Management: Part One – The historical & current landscape

By Cara Wiggins

By Cara Wiggins


Procurement Leaders have been tracking category management for four years now. We’ve collected data on the subject at several points, focussing on areas such as talent and performance benchmarks.

This report, the first of a series of four will bring you up to date on our findings, and introduce a new set of research addressing the continued development of this critical procurement process.

Key findings

  • Talent was the biggest challenge in developing category management four years ago. In 2015 it’s a different challenge, retaining the talent we’ve developed.
  • Continued investment is required, benefits taper off without it.
  • Category management is a procurement only process in most companies, limiting its impact.
  • Category management is here to stay, but some are going beyond conventional category management.

How to use this report

This piece is an overview of our category management learnings in the past four years of research. This report is best read in conjunction with a forthcoming series of research studies into category management.

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