CSR in the supply chain: Emerging risks

By Aleksei Gontsarov

By Aleksei Gontsarov

28 April 2016

Know your own vulnerabilities to poor CSR practices and emerging risks

This reports reveals what buying organisations are doing to tackle issues across human rights, labour practices, environmentally damaging activity, fair operating practices and community involvement.

The procurement function is well-placed to take on the corporate sustainability challenge given the volume of links and partnerships between the function and third parties, yet few organisations are taking the active steps that are required in order to reduce their risk exposure.

Download this report to gain an insight on these priorities:

Impact of legislation and scandal – what’s happening as a result of the Panama Papers and the effects of corruption in key jurisdictions?

Supply chain visibility – how well do organisations know what’s going on in supply chains, how can they fight practices such as slavery and what protection does compliance and auditing offer?

Pressures on CSR performance – What are your peers most important initiatives to address sustainability and ethical issues in the supply chain and what are they doing about those?

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