Risk solutions to power your organisation’s Covid-19 response

By Stephen Hall

By Stephen Hall

In the face of events that present significant disruption and uncertainty, your organisation’s risk management capabilities are tested and vulnerabilities exposed – as are those of your suppliers. Having the right tools to support those capabilities begins with how you manage your suppliers, as well as how you capture and manage data – right through to how you handle contracts. Companies do not develop such systems overnight and there isn’t a quick fix to a poorly constructed system, but there are specific solutions that become more relevant to businesses as they focus on adapting to scenarios and creating longer-term resilience.

This list is neither exclusive nor exhaustive: these organisations frequently offer services more broadly described than the section they are listed under. Equally, this isn’t designed to cover the entire market, this reflects the vendors that our network have indicated they are turning to during a time when there is an urgent need to identify, understand and respond to different types of risk.

Beyond the broader software solutions and platforms that include risk management as a facet, these are the more specialist providers that procurement teams are using to manage disruption and prepare for risk ahead.

Supply chain mapping

Solutions and dashboards that provide supply mapping, supplier performance information, visualisation and risk assessment:

Financial health/risk solution

Solutions and data providers to supply organisations with analyses of the financial health of public and private companies to identify risk:

Supplier risk auditing/monitoring

Solutions that provide data-driven insights on supplier capabilities, performance and compliance:

Travel management

Platforms that enable businesses to monitor and execute corporate travel policy:

Tools to support remote working

Broken down into three subsections, these are the tools that support businesses that might have to shut down offices and/or encourage remote working:


  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Skype


  • Trello
  • Monday.com
  • Workfront


  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Google drive
  • Confluence
  • PukkaTeam

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